Concerned about teacher retention?

We sure are. This is a big issue with bigger consequences. When looking at where to spend your money, you need the choice that makes the most sense with the longest lasting benefits.

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We Need Strong School Leaders

School leaders are responsible for the success, safety, and development of students and educators, in addition to putting out the daily fires that pop up.

Many principals feel they don’t have enough support and often feel isolated in their position. With so much responsibility and so little support, it’s no surprise they are leaving this position at such high rates.

According to an Ed Week article about a 2014 report on principal turnover rates, “A quarter of the country’s principals quit their schools each year, according to the report, and nearly 50 percent leave in their third year. This loss of leadership at schools throughout the country has repercussions that hit hard. In addition to low morale and a disruption in student achievement, the financial costs are quite high. 

“It costs about $75,000 to recruit and train each replacement,” says Mariah Cone, vice president of knowledge with the School Leaders Network, in an interview with Marketplace in 2014. With such high stakes, we need to change the way we look at professional development for principals.  School leaders need support!

Aligning with National Standards

Making the abstract relevant and implementable

Our vision for PD has always been to hold the foundation of leadership at the core of each course.  We believe that by developing the specific foundational skills of communication, management, and strategy, we will ensure that school leaders can focus more on the success and education of all students. Aligning courses with the current standards of principal development allows schools and districts to make quicker decisions on the correct path of instruction. In addition to on-demand courses, we offer a solution to the feeling of isolation that many administrators feel. We provide social learning opportunities and one-to-one coaching in order to allow this group to come together in a safe, low stakes environment and work on solutions to their concerns together. We know that there are specific standards that principals must adhere to. The challenge is finding the right professional development that can bring those standards to school leaders consistently and in a format that is easily implemented. Courses align with the NAESP standards for “What Principals should know and be able to do.”

  • Standard 1: Lead student and adult learning
  • Standard 2: Lead diverse communities
  • Standard 3: Lead 21st century learning
  • Standard 4: Lead continuous improvement
  • Standard 5: Lead using knowledge and data
  • Standard 6: Lead parent, family, and community engagement

Our focus on the foundation of leadership, (communication, management and strategy), ensures our alignment with these standards. We have created and curated courses based on topics that administrators asked for and education leaders need to know to be successful.

To see our course current course offering, please review our Course catalog. Leaderally 2018 Course Catalog

'I do not want a sit and get. I want relevant, hands-on PD that is not a one-time thing. We need follow up and follow through."

Supt. Dr. Timothy Schigur

Wishing you peace and love this season!

Let's wrap up the year with questions that dive into all the good, bad and the not so pretty that happened the last…

Wishing you peace and love this season!

Let's wrap up the year with questions that dive into all the good, bad and the not so pretty that happened the last…

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