Professional development to support professional educators

This is the learning toolbox that educators have been asking for.

The Leaderally Learning Platform allows professional learning to happen in a more consistent and personalized way throughout the school year. Whether you’re looking to support the entire team or an individual teacher, our micro-courses and workshops can support the vision and goals you’ve set for them.

Educators’ time should be spent with the students in their classroom, not in a workshop for hours on end. Online and on-demand courses match what professional educators really want and need to master.

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A strong foundation ensures strong educators

The triangle is the strongest shape. When supported and valued, teachers are some of the strongest people. It only makes sense that we focus our skills development on the idea of the leadership triangle.

By developing strength and independence in the foundational aspects of leadership – communication, management, and strategy – educators will be able to readily solve just about any issue that comes their way. We design courses and learning opportunities to support and develop the foundation as well as the issues that depend on that strength to be successful.

Strength in leadership ensures educators have the vision and goals to succeed for the long haul.

  • Effective communication is one of the most crucial aspects of successful professionals, yet one of the most complex parts of everyday challenges.
  • Successful management of time and student behavior is a must for educators in order to stay organized and, honestly, stay working in education.
  • Low stakes opportunities to develop and practice strategies for new concepts are an important part of ensuring the integration of new skills into an educator’s day.

What's on the platform?

Micro Learning

Professional learning needs are endless, but time is not. We offer a catalog of 15-30 minute courses that provide specific deep dives within the foundation of leadership - communication, management, and strategy.

Social Learning

Social learning is a key part of all educators' success. We provide opportunities to discuss timely, important topics through moderated, virtual meetings. In addition to on-demand courses, virtual and in-person workshops are available.

Metrics and Reporting

School leaders need to know if professional learning is making an impact. Transparency is key when it comes to assessing ROI. Metrics are easily accessed through the platform and via periodic communication from the Leaderally team.

If you have a single teacher in need of support or a whole district of educators, we have a solution for you.

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