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The number one goal of every educator is to ensure that all students succeed.

The Leaderally Learning Platform brings together multiple professional development opportunities to allow all educators to find what works best.

This is the professional development toolbox that educators have been waiting to discover. The Leaderally Learning Platform (LLP) allows individuals and teams to set and achieve the vision for their classroom and/or school. From there, they can choose and personalize the development path that matches need and vision.

Teachers time should be spent with the students in their classroom, not in a workshop for hours on end. Knowing how precious time is, the Leaderally Learning Platform is available when and where it works for educators.  Online and on-demand courses match what professional educators really want.

A focus on the foundation for educators

Fulfill the dream of professional success.

There are four key focus areas that allow educators to be successful. By developing strength and independence in leadership, communication, management and strategy, educators will  be able to readily solve just about any issue that comes their way.

We design courses and learning opportunities to dive into those areas as well as the issues that live within those concepts.

  • Development of leadership skills ensure educators have the vision and goals to succeed for the long haul.
  • Effective communication is one of the most crucial aspects of successful professionals, yet one of the most complex parts of every day challenges.
  • Successful management of time and student behavior is a must for educators in order to stay organized and hit the target goals they’ve set for themselves.
  • Low stakes opportunities to develop and practice strategies for new lessons, concepts and other needs are an important part of ensuring integration of these new skills into an educator’s daily routine.

Learn a new skill in 30 minutes, for free!

Join our pilot program and you're on your way.

We have opened up the Leaderally Learning Platform to share our engaging, specific, online professional development for FREE when you enroll in our pilot program. Enrollment offers educators the ability to earn CEUs/PDPs when they participate in the following learning opportunities:

  • Take an eLearning course to learn and develop critical skills around leadership, communication, management and strategy.
  • Attend live virtual courses on practical topics that matter.
  • Get advice, feedback and share experiences in our small group Virtual Study Hall.
  • Sign up for one-to-one coaching sessions to dive deeper into more specific challenges.
  • Join our monthly book club to talk through the most relevant books in education.

School leaders will gain insight into their educator’s professional development interests and be able to track that the faculty has completed their required training or hours.

If you’d like to talk about your specific needs for teachers and other education professionals, please connect with us at The deadline to be a part of this initial phase is March 31, 2018.

We’d love to have you join us! Here is the link to enroll now!

What's on the platform?

Micro eLearning

Professional development needs are endless, but time is not. We offer a catalog of 15-30 minute courses that provide specific deep dives within the four key content areas of leadership, communication, management and strategy.

Social Learning

Social learning is a key part of all educators' success. We provide opportunities to discuss timely, important topics through moderated, virtual meetings. Virtual study halls and a monthly book club are two such options.

One-to-One Coaching

There are times when educators need a more personalized conversation, as they work to become more successful. Through short one-to-one coaching sessions with experienced professionals, they have the chance to candidly ask questions and solution through their challenges.

"I found the engagement on the courses very helpful. Being able to put the concept in action at the end of the course myself made me more confident when it was time for the real thing." -Jennifer O.