Focus on the foundation

Our courses are created and curated based on the tenents of leadership – communication, management and strategy, using Danielson’s Framework Domaines and Learning Forward’s standards for professional learning as guides.

We offer micro-content courses designed with adult learners in mind, we ensure educators can learn, where, when and how they prefer. Our platform offers a catalog of courses that focus on the foundational concepts of education leadership in under 30 minutes.

Courses can be purchased one at a time, as a single annual subscription, or taken as a school or district in order to kick off your summer institute, new teacher orientation program or rev up your professional learning throughout the year.

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Set the Vision

We believe that the vision for educators must be defined.

Successful outcomes depend on the commitment to a process for learning. All learners, including teachers and administrators, need to understand the whywhat and how of what they are expected to do.

Leaderally works with school leaders to set a plan for professional development that matches the specific needs of the educator and school year requirements. We work together with school leaders to ensure we’re supporting the vision and goals for both individual educators and entire teams. Whether focusing on new educational leadership concepts and skills development or bringing the entire team up to speed on the latest learning theories, together we will develop a plan that is differentiated and ensures success for teachers and school leaders.

Take a look at what we find out from educators in just 10 minutes. Once we know what they want and need, we take that information and start building the path to success.

What we learn on day one


Personalized Needs Assessment

Standards and requirements vary from state to state and often, from district to district. Listening to educators and school leaders is critical to fully understanding the key issues and concerns in that building.

We have designed a personalized professional learning inventory that allows us to get to know educators more specifically and design a learning path that addresses their styles and professional learning needs. We share that information with the educators themselves as well as school leaders in order to get a big picture of how teachers see themselves and what they would like to learn more about. The information from the inventory allows administrators to look for more ways to support their team in a better, more specific way.


Key Professional Development Offerings


Research shows that training is the best when practiced everyday and sustained throughout the year.


The ability to practice new skills in a low stakes environment is critical to being an effective educator.


Educators say they attend trainings that have little to do with what they really need. As they strive for success, these professionals should be able to choose the learning path they need.

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Wishing you peace and love this season!

Let's wrap up the year with questions that dive into all the good, bad and the not so pretty that happened the last…

Wishing you peace and love this season!

Let's wrap up the year with questions that dive into all the good, bad and the not so pretty that happened the last…

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