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“After peppering Linson with questions, Abramson declares herself “thrilled” with the Leaderally concept but suggests the women market initially to charter school teachers, who typically have less experience and more flexibility to adopt new methods than their public school counterparts.”

Ashlea Ebling, Forbes Staff,  December 26, 2017 issue of Forbes

 “We understand educators don’t have time to waste, there’s not enough money to go around … Having personalized online microdoses of skills development will help them [get] new skills more effectively and ultimately lead to better classroom outcomes.”

Patience Wait, EdScoop,  May 23, 2018 article

“…when we asked what people are doing to take care of themselves, knowing that teaching is stressful, many of our teachers looked at us either on the verge of tears or laughed us off saying things like, “Are you kidding? There’s is no time for that!” However, we know that to do well in our chosen career, it is imperative that we take time to practice self-care.”

AAE Education Matters,  Jan/Feb 2019 edition

Sharing the love of Education Leadership

We are honored to have been chosen to present our thought leadership with several of the most exciting education conferences in the universe! 

2019 will bring us back to Austin and Chicago as well as Philadelphia to present on the critical importance of deliberately developing educators into strong leaders, mentoring and coaching and the need for consistent, differentiated professional leadership for all educators. 

Please visit the ASCD speaker schedule and the SxSW  speaker schedule (type in Kimberly Linson) to join us as we continue our mission of increasing teacher retention and overall job satisfaction.

Have a presentation opportunity to share with us? Contact Tara Reynolds at

We’d love to hear all about it.

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We love meeting new people and learning from the amazingly brilliant education community around us. Please contact Liz Szporn at for an interview, conversation, or if you want to hear a joke.

If you’re looking for some quick information about what we do, here you go Quick Info page

If you’re looking to learn more about the founders, check this out – Leaderally Bios

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Today's #FridayThoughts have me needing this quick reminder. We rush and push all week. I know I'm missing some gre…


Today's #FridayThoughts have me needing this quick reminder. We rush and push all week. I know I'm missing some gre…


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