Can you believe it’s almost over?!

Where does the time go? In classrooms all over the country, students are both excited and nervous about what’s coming next.  They are ready to end the year and hopefully, feeling successful enough to be a little curious about what next year will be like.  Before we get there though, let’s make sure that your students and their caregivers understand what happened this year. By spending a little time explicitly pointing out the journey they’re currently on, you’ll be sure to help them see all they’ve done in a clearer light. They’ll  be able to take that pride of growth and success with them.

Show and Tell Time

In the spirit of keeping things straight forward and simple, we offer an infographic with how best to support students and caregivers in the transition to next year. This is as a way to summarize the journey you’ve all been on for the last nine months.

If you’d like to print it out, visit this link – Are They Ready for Next Year_

Are they ready for next year?

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