This article is for all of us who use email when communicating with others. So, that’s just about all of us, it seems. Please enjoy the article and the video that goes into more detail. It was written by a wise friend of Leaderally’s, Dean Karrel.

Think twice, you’ll be glad you did.

My first job after college was in sales and when my manager reviewed my job requirements with me he said it was quite simple. Hit my sales forecast, don’t overspend while doing it, and solve the needs of the buyer. He followed that quickly with a key piece of advice about knowing your audience, not bringing up subjects that deflect a buyer’s attention from your objective, and avoid controversy.

Frankly, I’ve found that to be sound advice no matter what profession you’re in.  You can be doctor, a teacher, an administrator, or a restaurant owner. We need our patients, students, or clients focused on the task at hand and their attention not diverted.  

That advice is something I have tried to adhere to throughout my business career and in my personal life. I have been successful most of time, but I have had my moments where I spoke before thinking or hit the send button on an email before reflecting on the consequences. I used to joke that I could sell an App of “apologies notes” since I’d written so many due to some ill-advised statement I’d made.

In this day and age, with communication that is so fast and social media avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn making it very easy to share our “thoughts”, so much damage can happen. I think we all can agree that there is an unfortunate amount of venom out there that does more harm than good. Don’t you believe we all would benefit by thinking twice before sending that email or posting some comment?

I used to joke that I could sell an App of “apologies notes” since I’d written so many due to some ill-advised statement I’d made.

It’s something I address in one of my LinkedIn Learning/ courses.

Think Twice Before Sending” Video

The video mentions ‘salespeople’ a few times, but, as we all know, this issue is not something only salespeople deal with. This message is for all of us who use email. (If you want, you can insert your job title in there each time Dean says it. Make it a game.)


Dean Karrel a career and executive coach and a LinkedIn Learning course author. Dean has worked in sales management and leadership positions for a number of major global publishing companies.  

You can find him at:


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