I can’t wait for spring break. The kids need a break and so do I!

We couldn’t agree more. The long stretch from the winter holidays until spring break is often only peppered with a few federal holidays and teacher professional development days. (For those of you with a February break – we are jealous!).

You definitely need a break, but as an education professional versus a cashier at the supermarket you might actually find it hard to unplug. Here are some tips to make the most out of your spring break so that you come back refreshed and ready to finish the year as strong as you started.

  1. Focus your mind on a productive task. You are not going to be able to completely stop your mind from thinking about your classroom, so let’s take advantage of the opportunity. When you find your thoughts gravitating towards school, be the reflective teacher that you aim to be. Take a few moments to consider each individual student. What did he or she accomplish during the previous 75% of the school year. What attainable goal might you set for the remaining six to eight weeks? Here’s a helpful document to aid in this reflection.
  1. Stay off Pinterest. Wait, what? We know you love Pinterest. But here’s the deal: for a teacher, Pinterest = Work. Pinterest is filled with so many valuable and wonderful ideas for lessons, strategies, classrooms, and fun activities. But you and I both know that your intention to look up one idea will likely result in you surfacing hours later with nothing concrete to show for it. So, during this spring break take a serious break from creative planning. (It’s ok, we promise – there will be plenty of opportunities over the summer for Pinterest scavenger hunts).
  1. Organize for the end of the year. You will walk back in from spring break, blink and the last day of school will be upon you. Instead of saving all of the clean up for after the students have departed, spend a half an hour over spring break planning what needs to be done and how you can accomplish much of it before the last bell rings. Check here for a worksheet to help you plan.

You work hard. You deserve to re-enter work after the break feeling rested and refreshed. A few minutes of mindful work over spring break will give you hours of time to focus your brain on other pursuits.

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