Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. ~Author Unknown


It’s time to take a moment dedicated to teacher appreciation. We are grateful for all the amazing educators who took the time to teach us, support us, cheer for us, be patient with us, fight for us. They genuinely cared about what happened to us as we worked to become who we are today.

As a child, I LOVED school. I didn’t understand why, but I loved getting up in the morning, putting on my backpack and walking to school with my sister.  Once I got in the building, my love continued.  From Mr. Gary, the custodian, to every single teacher I had for those first seven years of school. I loved them all. What a gift that little school on the hill gave me. It was one that contained confidence, intelligence, humor, support, music, curiosity and hard work. These gifts have served me well for last 30+ years.

Little did I know just how difficult it is to create that feeling of love. I had no idea how hard it was for Mrs. Crump to manage 25 kindergartners who had never left their parents for a morning, let alone an entire day. I had no idea how frustrating it had to be for Mrs. Pickard to put up with sassy, hormonal 12 year olds who thought there was no real reason to ever learn about castles.  I have no clue how Mr. Yegalski got through the day when his entire class watched the Challenger Space Shuttle explode on live television. His level of calm and ability to comfort us is still something I can feel. How did Mrs. Harris know exactly when to ask me to be her helper so that she could spend time building up my confidence? How did she know that by telling me that she had no doubt I would be one of the most successful students in her class, I would become one?

These mysteries are what I so appreciate about teachers.  All of the big moments are so important, of course.  But it’s the smallest moments, the ones that are quiet and sincere, that are the ones that students remember the most.

Be Kind to Yourself!

Please remember that who you are in those real moments is important and memorable to your students.  Take it easy on yourself when things don’t go as planned. It happens. It’s another memory in the life of a child and your reaction and emotion shape how they handle similar events in the future. Your ability to find beauty and positivity in mistakes sets the stage for students to try new things and take risks. Take a moment this week to remember why you got into this field, who inspired you, who still inspires you and how you can bring those things into your day a little more consciously.

You are one of the most important people in the world to so many families. Thank you for all you do each and every day!

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