Personalized PD experiences matter

Educators want to feel successful and know that they are on the right path from the beginning.

Too often they are given a one size fits all, sit and get PD with little to no opportunity to practice or follow up on what they've learned. These experiences leave teachers feeling unsupported and unsuccessful.

With 50% of teachers leaving the field within five years WE HAVE TO DO BETTER!

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Looking for a Great Summer Institute?

Look no further! Leadership for the Classroom Educator offers three consecutive sections that will cover the foundation skills necessary for strong educational leadership. You can choose to focus on effective communication, increased management skills or put an emphasis on strategic planning and thinking. Take one, two or all three and make the most of your summer.

These online courses allow you to get your professional development and graduate course credit anywhere your summer takes you.

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Personalized resources focused on critical leadership skills not taught in teacher preparatory courses.

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Love this! #pln365 #leadlap #edleaders #CelebrateMonday

Who doesn't love a good book list to start out the week?? #edleaders #Reading #tlap

Love this! #pln365 #leadlap #edleaders #CelebrateMonday

Who doesn't love a good book list to start out the week?? #edleaders #Reading #tlap

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